Plum Theater Dress

A few weeks ago I attended a LuLaRoe party and purchased a gorgeous black dress. I was instantly obsessed with the circle skirt, quarter length sleeves and scoop neck.   Classic, modest –yet –sexy, and makes any waist look tiny. I instantly wanted to own at least 5 of them, and because I am super impatient, I just couldn’t wait until it was time for another party. In my eagerness I grabbed some plum colored knit fabric from my stash (originally from Joann’s I think) and attempted to make something similar.


This is in no way, shape or form a tutorial because all I did was lay my existing dress down, trace around it, and sew the pieces together.   I used two yards of a cotton/poly blend knit fabric which yielded a dress that is close to a size 6.


(Yes, I wore a dress out with an unfinished neckline and unfinished hem –  See?  I told you I am inpatient!)


The skirt was made in two panels (a front and a back) and ended up being just shy of a full circle skirt. I always recommend using a circle skirt calculator if making a skirt without a pattern.   You can select a 3/4 circle skirt or a full circle skirt and even input your fabric size to get a cutting layout suggestion.

The bodice is also only two pieces and each sleeve is made from a single piece. The bodice could easily be replicated by tracing a well fitting jersey knit top. In fact I have a boat neck shirt (or 3!) from Target that would make a lovely top! I added the sleeves to the bodice using the flat method. A dress that is only 6 pieces of fabric? Awesome!


I wore this dress to opening night and the world premier of a comedic drama called The Revolutionists. My dear friend, B, has some amazing connections through her sister for Cincinnati’s Playhouse at the Park and I get to reap the benefits by going to phenomenal events like this!

I even managed to get a few pictures at the reception after the play with some of the interns and cast members at Playhouse!



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